I have wanted to be a dentist since I was 8 years old.  My father is a dentist in New Jersey, and a fantastic one at that.  When I would go to his office as a kid, I knew that I was going to do the same thing when I grew up.  Coming from a family with a dentist, it is understandable why I would possibly love dentistry.  I can say, without reservation, that most dental patients do not come to the dental office saying that they love the dentist!  Most wonder how I would ever want to do this every day.  I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do, but it is hard to make patients feel that same passion, especially kids!  Most kids are scared of the dentist, and usually is the fear passed on to the from their parents.  We rarely get a young patient in the office that tells us they want to be a dentist, so when they do we celebrate it.

Earlier this week we had a young patient who has been coming to us since her first dental appointment.  She loves our dental team and calls my assistant the lady doctor.  She wants to be just like her.  We had to do some dental work on this wonderful young girl and she was just amazing.  She was so cooperative and no a lick of fear in her.  When we finished, my assistant Connie gave this young girl a goodie bag of things to take home with her to allow her to be like the “lady doctor”.  Connie gave her a bag filled with a mask, saliva ejector, mirror, gloves and a few other items for her to take with her.  Later that evening, we got some incredible photos and a backstory from mom and her aunt, who are both patients, about what effect that goodie bag had on this young girl.  When she got home, she was lining up her dolls and doing dental exams on them.  She then had her cousin over the house and they were taking turns putting on all the dental items and looking into each others mouths.

I have to say that we get lots of great reviews and feedback from our patients about how much they love our practice and the family type atmosphere we try and promote.  Those mean so much to us.  Getting these photos was probably one of the most touching compliments I can ever remember.  To be able to have such a positive effect on such a young person really makes us feel like we are doing things in a way that make people understand and feel how much we love what we do at Forest North Dental.  I want to thank our patient for passing on these wonderful photos to us to enjoy.  We hope that in about 20 or so years, we’ll be able to pass the Forest North Dental torch to her.  If that happens, our patients will certainly be in some great hands of a person who will loveyoung pt pic 2 young pt pic 1 what they do as much as I do!

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