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This video shows you how a composite filling restores a damaged or decayed tooth to its natural strength and appearance.

Key Points

Cavity Repairing With Composite Material

A small cavity, or hole in your tooth can be repaired with a composite filling.

Removal Of Decayed Portion

First, the decayed portion of your tooth is removed, leaving a small area that will be filled with composite.

Bonding Fluid Application

Next, a bonding fluid is applied so that the filling will attach to the natural tooth structure. A curing light is used to set the bonding fluid.

Composite Material

Your dentist then fills the prepared area with composite material

Tooth Surface Shaping

Your dentist shapes it to match the contours of your tooth surface.

Composite Filling Posterior

A special curing light is used to harden the composite.

Composite Filling

Finally, your dentist smooths and polishes the filling to match the rest of your tooth.


Your tooth is now free of decay and restored to its natural strength and appearance.

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