kids first examIt’s always a momentous occasion when your child finally grows his or her first tooth. But while the excitement of your child finally starting with his or her collection of pearly whites would soon die down, you should still follow through with ensuring that the level of your child’s dental health remains consistent. This especially since children who develop cavities have a higher risk of developing dental conditions in the future including, but not limited to, tooth decay and gingivitis. If you want your child to develop healthy habits from the start, follow Dr. Rosenblatt’s simple tips below.

Clean your child’s gums.

This is something which you need to be mindful of. While your child may not be born with a complete set of teeth right away, that should not give you the reason to neglect your child’s gums. The fact of the matter is that your child would have gums that are very much prone to microbial infections because of the fact that there aren’t any teeth yet which are sprouting out from the gums. So to clean the gums, you should make use of a clean, damp and soft washcloth to slowly rub the gums of your child’s teeth.

Teach your child to brush right when the first tooth crops up.

Don’t wait for when your child has his or her entire set of teeth before you begin teaching him or her to brush. The truth is that you need to start taking care of teeth just as soon as they begin to erupt so even if there’s only one tooth which has exfoliated, it’s time to pick out a soft bristled brush and begin brushing away, slowly of course. However, unless your dentist gives you the go-signal, don’t use toothpaste just yet. Children are at risk for dental fluorosis which can damage instead of beautify their teeth.

Curb your child’s craving for sweets.

Children have a natural predilection for sweets. It’s the sense of taste which is the most enticing among kids. However, sugar is disastrous especially to your teeth. For this reason, it’s important for parents to train their children to not be that attracted to sweets. This includes strictly enforcing a no-candy after dinner rule. Sweets should be eaten during dinner time to ensure that your child would be able to brush his or her teeth right after devouring the sugary treat and keep his or her teeth from being ravaged by cavities.

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