CEREC: Reinvigorating Dentists Across the Nation

Think you can’t teach an old dentist new tricks? Try telling that to Dr. Rosenblatt. As a spokesperson and lecturer for the innovative CEREC system, he’s no stranger to older dentists who feel they have no need for the “new-fangled” system. However, his passion about this unique procedure has inspired dentists across the nation- both young and old! Watch this video of Dr. Rosenblatt as he describes how CEREC can transform and invigorate any dentist’s ability, regardless of their age!

At our dental practice, introducing new and innovative procedures is the norm. We are proud of our commitment to grow in our education and constantly improve our ability to serve you. Dr. Rosenblatt’s decision to introduce the CEREC system in our practice years ago is just one way that we provide our patients with superior dentistry.

Being a CEREC doctor means providing fast, reliable and beautiful ceramic restorations through digital imaging and computer technology. Dr. Rosenblatt lectures nationally on CAD/CAM dentistry and even teaches this technology at Scottsdale Center for Dentistry as a faculty mentor. If you are looking for an experienced and skilled CEREC dentist, you won’t find a better dentist than Dr. Rosenblatt. Visit us today for more information!


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