Lapses in breathing while sleeping, for seconds or even minutes at a time, signify that a person might be suffering from a sleeping disorder called sleep apnea. When this abnormality occurs, the body receives less oxygen; thus, resulting in frequent awakenings during sleep, daytime fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, sight problems, and even heart disease and liver problems in some cases. The worst part is that the person suffering from sleep apnea is rarely aware that this is happening. This condition is, therefore, often left untreated, until the time comes when the disorder manifests in higher levels, and the patient requires fast and immediate treatment.

Sleep apnea treatment at Forest North Dental makes use of mandibular advancing appliances. The appliance we most frequently use is the Somnodent G2, which provides treatment of sleep apnea instantly. The patient simply needs to wear the appliance while sleeping and let it do its job of treating snoring and sleep apnea.

The Somnodent G2 is like a splint or a mouth guard, which moves the jaw slightly forward; allowing the air to flow freely. This device works by preventing the obstruction of the airway when worn while sleeping, so that the patient receives sufficient oxygen intake during all stages of sleep. As a result, the quality of sleep is improved, and the patient has a much more restful sleep and feels great physically the next day. The absence of snoring can also improve the patient’s relationship with a bed partner. Enhanced relationship, better health, and improved physical well-being can all be experienced with the Somnodent G2.

Patients who have used the Somnodent G2 say that the device is comfortable to use, because of its slim shape, its posterior placement inside the mouth, and the absence of metal components. The coupling mechanism of the device is also 20% smaller than other products in the market, making it well-suited for the human mouth structure. Overall, the Somnodent G2 is a simple, yet very effective treatment for sleep apnea, that’s easy to use, clean, and adjust.

If you feel that you are suffering from sleep apnea, seek help immediately. For more information on sleep apnea or any other procedure options, feel free to contact us today. Put a stop to the disorder that affects your life and health in many ways. Sleep apnea can be treated. We can help!