At Forest North Dental we are available for the fast, immediate treatment of dental emergencies. Accidents happen anytime, or a tooth may suddenly cause great pain that requires an immediate visit to the dentist. We know that you need someone to take care of your teeth when these dental emergencies happen. Dr. Rich Rosenblatt is ready to serve patients in and around Lake Forest, IL, and to provide a solution to your dental concerns that need immediate treatment. Dental emergency care visits at Forest North Dental are reliable, thorough and readily available; all you need to do is to call us at 847-234-4405.

A dental emergency can be defined as a condition that necessitates immediate care due to severe pain from an underlying dental problem or injury due to trauma. It is important to get help as soon as possible when you are in a state of dental emergency. Oftentimes, a dental emergency indicates an underlying problem that when left untreated, causes great damage to your teeth and gums. Thus, your dentist will usually provide short term relief, but will ask you to return on a later date, for a more thorough, complete dental treatment. Rest assured that Dr. Rosenblatt and our team, are well-experienced, well-trained dental professionals, who can give you excellent, flawless, and gentle dental care.

Here is a list of dental concerns that are considered as dental emergency:

  • Abscessed tooth that causes redness and swelling
  • Swelling caused by decay
  • Metal wires of braces are broken, and are poking the gums and teeth
  • Bleeding caused by dental trauma or a knocked out tooth
  • Facial fracture due to an accident
  • A tooth that has been dislodged
  • Broken or fractured tooth
  • Unusual sensitivity to heat and cold

A dental concern that you feel is out of the ordinary, and requires immediate relief, may also be considered as a dental emergency. If you live in and around Lake Forest, IL, come to Dr. Rich Rosenblatt for your dental emergency concerns. We are committed to serving you and your family. Your comfort and satisfaction constantly inspire us to do our very best.